Should I Get Dental Implants After A Bone Grafting Procedure?

a bone grafting procedure digital model.Are you curious if dental implants are a good idea after bone grafting procedures? Our team of oral surgeons can help you make the best decision for your smile.

How Does Bone Grafting Help My Dental Implant Treatment In Bourne, MA?

a dental xray showing a jawbone ready for a bone graft.It is not uncommon for patients with missing and failing teeth to hear that they have lost considerable bone volume in their jaw and are not immediate candidates for dental implants. Bone strength naturally begins to weaken when it is no longer being stimulated by the teeth roots. However, bone grafting can improve bone density […]

Are You Looking For An Oral Surgeon That Does Bone Grafting In Sandwich, MA?

a graphic showing jaw bone loss on the lower jawBone loss in and around the mouth can happen for any number of reasons. Some people suffer a trauma, like a car accident, that affects their bone health. Other people experience progressive bone loss due to missing teeth or unmanaged gum disease. Whatever the underlying cause, bone grafting in Sandwich, MA, can offer a lasting—and […]