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What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are extra molars that develop in the far back of the mouth during the teenage or early twenties for most people. Patients can have anywhere between zero to four wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth extraction is a common oral surgery procedure performed in order to prevent damage to the oral structure.

When you choose an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth extractions, you are benefiting from years of experience, education and technology to give you optimum results.

Dr. William Lane advises the removal of wisdom teeth at an early age whenever possible, even if you have no symptoms.  This is because the roots of the wisdom teeth become more fully formed as you age.  As a result, removal gets more difficult and the risk of complications increase. Also, people may heal more slowly as they grow older. If not removed, wisdom teeth can cause jaw pain, damage to surrounding teeth and bone, and become infected.


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Why An Oral Surgeon Should Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

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of 20-year-olds have at least one impacted wisdom tooth.
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wisdom teeth extractions are performed each year.

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of people are born with no wisdom teeth.
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Symptoms of Problem Wisdom Teeth

The Oral Surgery Expertise

As an oral surgery practice, our team can perform wisdom teeth extractions with minimal discomfort or complications and give you back a pain-free, healthy mouth. Dr. Lane utilizes years of surgical expertise in an office and hospital based setting. When you choose an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth extractions, you are benefiting from years of experience, education and technology to give you optimum results.

The Latest Technology for Improved Results

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Dr. Lakkis Talks About When To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

During wisdom teeth extraction in Plymouth, MA, we integrate some of the latest advancements in dental technology to improve your patient experience and give you added safety. We will perform a 3D CBCT scan of your jaw to gain detailed images of your oral structure, position of wisdom teeth and where nerves are located. You will be sedated during wisdom teeth extraction so anxiety or discomfort during wisdom teeth extraction is minimized—many patients do not even remember the surgery happening at all. Dr. Lane is certified in sedation dentistry  including IV sedation, to help prevent dental anxiety as well as block feelings of pain or discomfort. We will then carefully perform wisdom teeth extraction of each problem tooth in a manner to promote ease of healing afterward.

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