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How Is Bone Grafting In Sandwich, MA, Performed?

When people have a sufficient amount of jawbone density and volume, they can get successfully treated with dental implants. For those who don’t have enough jawbone density to support their dental implants, however, they will need to get treated with bone grafting in Sandwich, MA. By going to a skilled and trusted oral surgeon’s office, people can get expertly treated with bone grafting.

At an advanced oral surgeon’s office, the bone grafting procedure is performed in a certain way. Continue reading to learn more about how a bone grafting procedure is performed.

What Happens During A Bone Grafting Procedure?

When people get treated with bone grafting in Sandwich, MA, the following steps are taken during the procedure process. First, the exceptional oral surgeon can administer sedation dentistry to the patient so that they have will have a comfortable and anxiety-free bone grafting procedure experience.

The bone grafting procedure begins with the oral surgeon getting bone graft material from the patient or from a donor source. That bone graft material is then precisely placed at the site of the jawbone recession. The bone graft material will then fuse with the patients existing bone, giving them a strong and even foundation for their future dental implants to be placed on.

The oral surgeon will also use guided tissue regeneration (GTR) techniques during the patient’s bone grafting procedure, so that they heal efficiently and so that it is insured that their new bone is strong. GTR is placed around the bone grafting material to serve as a protective barrier. The patient’s gums are then sutured around it so that the gums don’t interfere with the bone while it is healing.

After the bone graft material has healed and the patients jaw is at healthy volume and density levels, their customized dental implant procedure can begin. When, following a bone grafting procedure, patients have enough jawbone density and volume to support dental implants, their dental implants can restore the beauty, functionality, and health of their smile.


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