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Enjoy New Teeth with SmileOn! Dental Implant Solutions

SmileOn!™ dental implant solutions is a contemporary restoration answer for those who have multiple failing or missing teeth or who are completely without any teeth. SmileOn! dental implant solutions allows patients to experience a brand-new smile with beautiful, natural-looking teeth the same day as surgery is completed. With SmileOn!, patients no longer have to wear uncomfortable dentures or worry about their teeth when eating, speaking or smiling ever again! The SmileOn! dental implant solution replaces your missing teeth with a full dental bridge supported by at least six to eight dental implants. This gives patients a secure, long-term hold within the jaw and allows them to live a normal life again.

The Advantages of SmileOn! Dental Implant Solutions

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Missing Multiple Teeth? Consider SmileOn!

A Procedure Unique to Lane Oral Surgery

Lane Oral Surgery is the exclusive provider of the SmileOn! dental implant solution in Plymouth, MA. Our oral surgeon, Dr. William Lane, created the procedure to help patients with missing teeth regain confidence in their life that only a beautiful and functional smile can bring. Dr. Lane, a graduate of Harvard University, Boston University and Tufts University, has over 35 years of experience in the dental field and places over 500 dental implants annually. With specialized training and experience, plus modern dental technology, patients who receive the SmileOn! dental implant solution at Lane Oral Surgery enjoy a functional and beautiful new smile for life.

A Procedure Unique to Lane Oral Surgery - Lane Oral Surgery - Plymouth, MA and Sandwich, MA
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Dr. Lane Talks About SmileOn - Your Custom Solution To A Full Mouth Replacement
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Dr. Lane Asks, "Is Time, Money, & Fear Holding You Back From Getting Treatment?"

Why SmileOn! Makes a Difference

Many patients have to make a decision between the SmileOn! dental implant solution and traditional dentures. Those that choose dentures do not benefit from the advantages dental implants provide. This means they will have less security in the mouth, a weaker bite strength and may experience embarrassing situations where dentures slip or fall out of the mouth. SmileOn! removes all those fears and problems due to its innovative design, planning and execution.

SmileOn! Dental Implant Solution vs. Dentures

Traditional Dentures

SmileOn! Dental Implant Solution

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The SmileOn! Dental Implant Solution Procedure

Good candidates for the SmileOn! dental implant solution are those with multiple failing or missing teeth, who want a long-term, stable solution. We utilize a cone beam CT scanner to identify areas of your jaw that have the most bone and strategically plan to place the dental implants there. This minimizes the need for bone grafting and gets you closer to your new smile. After the implants are placed, Dr. Lane will fit you with a temporary set of new teeth that look and function like natural teeth. You will wear these temporary teeth while your implants heal and while your permanent teeth are created. In a few weeks we will be able to fit you with your permanent teeth that you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your life with proper care and routine checkup visits.

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Ready for your new, permanent smile? Choose SmileOn! Dental Implant Solutions!

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