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Are You Looking For An Oral Surgeon That Does Bone Grafting In Sandwich, MA?

Bone loss in and around the mouth can happen for any number of reasons. Some people suffer a trauma, like a car accident, that affects their bone health. Other people experience progressive bone loss due to missing teeth or unmanaged gum disease. Whatever the underlying cause, bone grafting in Sandwich, MA, can offer a lasting—and life-changing—solution. 

How Does an Oral Surgeon Perform a Dental Bone Graft? 

It might not be thought that bones are living tissue, but they are. This means it can change over time. One of the changes that can occur is a loss of bone and, relatedly, bone strength. For example, consider the bone-damaging effects of gum disease. Left untreated, the bacteria that causes gum disease will destroy healthy bone tissue. This weakens the bone, leaving it unable to properly support the teeth or hold its shape.

Bone grafting is a proven, safe way to increase bone volume in areas of low density. During a bone graft procedure, an oral surgeon like Dr. William F. Lane exposes the bone and places bone grafting material at the location.

A oral surgeon then covers the bone and grafting material with an artificial membrane. The membrane protects the bone and allows it to properly heal, a process known as guided tissue regeneration. In about half a year, the bone grafting material will fuse with the original bone, becoming a solid, supportive foundation for existing teeth or dental implants.

Do You Really Need a Bone Graft?

Bone grafts can be necessary, as in the case of a dental emergency, or suggested, such as if you want to move forward with dental implant placement. Some ways to know that dental bone grafting is needed include:

  • You are not a good candidate for receiving dental implants unless you undergo a bone graft.
  • The shape of the jaw has changed noticeably throughout the years because of loss of teeth.
  • Years of untreated gum disease has left serious damage to the teeth, gums, and probably bone.
  • A dental health provider (e.g., a primary care physician, a family dentist) suggested exploring dental grafting in Sandwich, MA, with a top-rated oral surgeon.

Set up a Consultation for Bone Grafting Today

Why wonder if bone grafting is the right choice for your needs? Dr. William F. Lane and William M. Lane are accepting patients for bone grafting right now with or without a referral. Call us today at Lane Oral Surgery to arrange a consultation in Sandwich, MA. You can also find us at our locations in Plymouth or in Bourne. Give us a call today!

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