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We Can Help You Feel Comfortable and Calm

At Lane Oral Surgery your comfort and well-being are our top priority. We understand oral surgery can be stressful for some, which is why we offer multiple sedation dentistry services.  Sedation can help you feel relaxed and calm during your dental procedures, and with the help of anesthetic, block all sensations of pain or discomfort. Together, we can determine which level of sedation is appropriate for you based on your comfort level and the type of procedure being completed. Our doctor is certified in administering sedation and can help you feel relaxed, comfortable and anxiety-free during treatment.

Sedation dentistry is often necessary for those who have a fear of the dentist or who have a big procedure upcoming. In some cases, patients may have had a bad experience with the dentist in the past, which has given them overall fears of all dental professionals or treatments. In other instances, procedures such a dental implants or wisdom tooth extractions will require sedation due to the surgical aspect of treatment. No matter the reason or level of care, we have sedation options for you that will help you feel calm and free of discomfort.

Our Sedation Dentistry Options Available

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Advanced IV Sedation

An advantage to choosing an oral surgeon is the availability of IV sedation dentistry in Plymouth, MA. IV sedation dentistry is one of the most advanced forms of sedation that helps patients with dental anxiety and blocks sensations of discomfort. Dr. William Lane is IV certified to provide this service intravenously. IV sedation puts you in a state of complete relaxation, and most patients do not even remember the procedure being performed. Afterward, a family member or friend will need to take you home. In addition to IV sedation dentistry, we offer local anesthetic, oral sedation and nitrous oxide options. These options also reduce dental anxiety and are frequently used when performing more minimally invasive procedures. During your treatment plan, we will discuss which sedation option is best for your needs.

Why Choose Sedation Dentistry?

Feeling relaxed during your treatment is beneficial to both you and the doctors. You will be more comfortable and able to receive the care you need during one appointment, whereas otherwise treatments may need to be split into multiple appointments. Without the opportunity to have sedation, many patients avoid their dental care altogether, often leading to a worsening of their conditions and oral health. At our practice, sedation dentistry is used for advanced dental procedures like full mouth reconstruction and dental implants, but those who experience severe dental anxiety also benefit. Many patients also enjoy an enhanced dental experience overall. Sedation dentistry often changes the relationship and thought of visiting the dentist to a positive experience.

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End dental anxiety with calming sedation dentistry.

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