a bone grafting site that shows a dental implant placed in it and it is surrounded by natural teeth.

Once I’ve Been Treated With Bone Grafting In Sandwich, MA, Can I Get Treated With Dental Implants?

When people have jawbone loss in areas of their jawbone where they have missing teeth, then their jawbone won’t be able to securely support their dental implants. Luckily, jawbone loss can get reliably treated with bone grafting. After people with jawbone loss have been treated with bone grafting in Sandwich, MA, they can then get treated with dental implants. Here is more on why people can get treated with dental implants after having a bone grafting procedure.


How Does Bone Grafting Help Me Get Treated With Dental implants?

Bone grafting in Sandwich, MA can help people restore their jawbone density with enough jawbone volume to support dental implants. During a bone grafting procedure, bone graft material is placed in the areas of the jaw that do not have enough bone density to support dental implants.

When the sites of the bone grafting treatment have healed and fused with the patients surrounding natural jawbone, the patient’s jawbone will have enough density and volume to reliably support dental implants for years to come.

After A Bone Grafting In Sandwich, MA, What Does A Dental Implant Procedure Look Like?

Once patients have had their bone grafting procedure, they will be able to get treated with any type of dental implant option. From single dental implants to full mouth dental implants, they will keep the patients jawbone healthy and strong. Before the dental implant procedure even begins, the patient will be given sedation dentistry so that they have a comfortable and anxiety-free procedure experience.

In a dental implant procedure, the oral surgeon will take 3D CT scans using a digital cone beam scanner. With the CBCT scanner, the oral surgeon will have detailed images of the patients jawbone volume and the location of their tooth roots and nerves so they can accurately and precisely place their dental implant posts.

When the dental implants are securely in place, most patients will be able to get a temporary prosthesis on the same day as their dental implant surgery. With a temporary prosthesis, patients will have an immediate new smile that is functional and beautiful. When the patient’s jawbone has healed and the final prosthesis is ready, the patient can go to a trusted dentist to get their final prosthesis placed and bonded onto their dental implants.


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