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Treatment for Severe Accidents or Injuries

Facial trauma consists of serious damage to the facial region, including areas of the gums, teeth, skull and jaw bone that typically occurs due to accidents or injuries. If you are experiencing signs of facial trauma like excessive bleeding, broken bones, severe pain or swelling, you should immediately seek hospital or emergency room treatment. Our oral surgeon, Dr. William Lane, has hospital privileges at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital and can see severe cases of facial trauma there. For those with less traumatic cases of facial trauma in Plymouth, MA, we are able to handle your concern at our Lane Oral Surgery practice.

We Utilize IV Sedation

We understand that after an accident or facial trauma, anxiety levels and discomfort are high and you need treatment right away. At Lane Oral Surgery, we offer patients the benefit of advanced IV sedation for a relaxed and virtually pain-free treatment. Dr. Lane is certified and trained to administer IV sedation, which will put you into a sleep-like state. During this time, you likely won’t remember the surgery and sensations of pain are blocked. This allows our oral surgeon to complete your facial trauma treatment in a time-efficient manner.

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Types of Facial Trauma

Deep cuts on or around the face that can involve nerves or blood vessels. These wounds are cleaned and sutured together to heal. Care is taken to ensure the best cosmetic results.

Cuts inside the mouth or affecting the lips and tongue that occur from accidents or the impact of teeth on soft tissue. These wounds are evaluated for airway compromises and may need to be sutured closed to heal.

If one or multiple teeth are knocked out, the jaw will need to be evaluated to ensure that no broken fragments are still embedded in the socket. Sometimes, a tooth that is knocked out can cause excessive bleeding, break bone or cause nerve damage—all of which we can evaluate and address.

Fractures and broken cheekbones, eye sockets or a broken nose need to be addressed right away. Oral surgeons are able to help repair these bones to ensure adequate healing and cosmetic appearance.

Both the upper and lower jaw can become fractured or broken and will require specialist attention to rebuild and properly align for normal use. When treated by an oral surgeon as soon as possible, a broken jaw will be able to return to function and natural appearance.

If teeth or gums have become severely infected, or an abscess has formed, damage can occur to the bones, teeth and even systemic health. Treating these conditions right away can save further damage from occurring and prepare the mouth to be rebuilt.

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