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Full Mouth Reconstruction Returns Health and Beauty to Your Smile

For those who have been in a serious accident that has devastated their smile, or those living with a compromised smile due to genetics, disease, failing teeth or bone loss, full mouth reconstruction may be your solution to regaining normal function and appearance. Many candidates of full mouth reconstruction need extensive work to be performed and something as important as rebuilding your jaw should not be left to anyone other than an oral surgeon.


Oral surgeons are uniquely qualified to offer full mouth reconstruction as they have a surgical background, years of training and education, as well as an in-depth knowledge on how to make the jaw function naturally. Only oral surgeons are able to reconstruct the delicate bones in the face or treat extreme lacerations if severe trauma has occurred. At Lane Oral Surgery, we have the experience, education and technology to help reconstruct your smile with full mouth reconstruction and get your life back on a healthy track.

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Addressing complicated dental issues - techniques for full mouth reconstruction.

When You May Need Full Mouth Reconstruction

Enjoy Your Life Again

If you suffer from any of the above concerns, you know how difficult life can be. Whether your concerns are more cosmetic like a damaged tooth or functional such as the inability to open your mouth properly, full mouth reconstruction can help. Living with a problem mouth often leads to a low quality of life filled with discomfort, embarrassment and difficulty performing basic tasks. Full mouth reconstruction can be your way to a better, happier, and healthier life!

Our Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

When preparing for a full mouth reconstruction, you will need an in-depth examination of your mouth and oral structures. We utilize advanced technology such as digital intraoral scanners and 3D cone beam CT scanners for detailed information on the state of your mouth. This helps us plan your treatment and offer you the most ideal and predictable outcome.

Dental Technology at Work - Lane Oral Surgery - Plymouth, MA and Sandwich, MA
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Dr. Lakkis Talks About Why Experience Matters

We can surgically place anywhere from one to a full arch of dental implants, even in the most complex situations. Dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth because they most closely mimic the function and appearance of natural teeth.

If a tooth is badly damaged, failing or impacted, an extraction might be necessary to preserve the oral structure or prepare for dental implants. Wisdom teeth  may also need to be extracted to prevent concerns from developing or eliminate discomfort.

Specially trained and skilled in complex corrective orthognathic reconstructive cases, we can surgically move the jaw into a more natural and correct position to improve overall function and completely transform aesthetics.

For those who have been in serious accidents and suffered trauma to the face, we are able to reconstruct and repair the damage to help return function and aesthetics back to the face.

If bone in the jaw has been lost due to disease, damage or deterioration from tooth loss, we are able to perform bone grafting treatment. This will restore the bone volume, fill out the facial appearance and allow you to replace missing teeth with dental implants.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Focused on Health and Function

When making the decision to restore your health and quality of life with full mouth reconstruction, it is important to find specialists in the field. At Lane Oral Surgery, Dr. William Lane is highly qualified in all aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgery, having received extra education and hospital surgery training from Boston University and Tufts University. He has also received his fellowship in orthognathic surgery at the Institute for Correction of Facial Deformities at University Hospital, Boston. We are also experienced in sedation dentistry, including advanced IV sedation, so our patients experience a nearly pain- and anxiety-free full mouth reconstruction in Plymouth, MA.

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