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Real-Looking False Teeth: A Myth or Reality?

Removable dentures, or so-called “false teeth”, have been around for centuries. People might recall that the first president of the United States even had several pairs over his lifetime! However, dentures have not always been known for looking or feeling lifelike.

So, is it possible to get false teeth in Plymouth, MA, that have a natural appearance? Absolutely, especially if you work with an oral surgeon to have a specially-made fixed restoration that is secured to carefully placed dental implants.


Why Traditional False Teeth Can Look Unnatural

Before talking about dental implants, it is important to address why false teeth can seem out of place. The problem of a traditional denture appliance’s unnatural look usually boils down to one or more of these common issues:

The denture does not fit adequately:

Over time, a patient’s jawbone will recede if they have lost teeth. As the bone changes shape, their denture will no longer be as comfortable. This can lead to the denture slipping and sliding, or perhaps seeming too big or small for the patients mouth.

The denture was not custom-crafted:

In best-case scenarios, every denture would be dependably fitted to the wearer. Sometimes, patients receive dentures that are not quite appropriate for their mouths. As a result, the denture seems out of place.

The denture is made from low-quality materials:

The materials used in the making of a denture matter in terms of the finished product. Low-quality materials that do not replicate the way gums and teeth organically look will affect the appearance of the denture.

The denture is permanently discolored:

Dentures that are not properly cleaned or are made from porous materials can become stained. Though some stains can be removed, many stains will remain even after soaking in solutions. The denture may look dirty or dingy as a result.

False Teeth Attached to Dental Implants: A Smile Upgrade

Patients might wonder why a denture that is affixed to dental implants would look more real than a removable denture. There are several reasons. First, the materials used to create dental implant-related restorations tend to be of superior quality. Plus, the full-mouth dental implant denture device is designed with patients’ mouths in mind. Accordingly, a patients smile appears completely normal because the denture is not too big or small.

Finally, the denture patients receive after placement of their dental implants will not move. It will be permanently attached to the implants, meaning it can never fall out. Patients can eat what they want and enjoy being able to go about their daily activities with confidence. No one will be able to tell that there were ever missing teeth.


Talk to an Oral Surgeon About Real-Looking False Teeth in Plymouth, MA

You have more choices than you might realize if you have lost your teeth due to age, decay, or trauma. One of those choices is to talk about dental implant options with a trusted, highly-credentialed oral surgeon like Dr. William F. Lane in Plymouth, MA. Dr. Lane has made a career of providing superior personalized care to patients of all ages, including adults looking for alternatives to traditional, removable “false teeth.”

Contact Dr. Lane at our Lane Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center to schedule an appointment today!

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