Real-Looking False Teeth: A Myth or Reality?

a dental patient outside smiling because she has false teethRemovable dentures, or so-called “false teeth”, have been around for centuries. People might recall that the first president of the United States even had several pairs over his lifetime! However, dentures have not always been known for looking or feeling lifelike.So, is it possible to get false teeth in Plymouth, MA, that have a natural […]

Dental Implants? Why Trust Anyone But An Expert!

Dental Implant Patient Talking To Their DoctorGetting a new smile can certainly be exciting. It can offer improved self-confidence, appearance, and overall better health. While there are various methods in Sandwich, MA of which to receive a great new smile, dental implants can often be one of the best options for this procedure. However, before getting started on your new smile, […]

How To Handle an Emergency Tooth Extraction During Holiday Travel

Dental Patient Worried About Her Upcoming Dental ProcedureMany people enjoy traveling for the holidays to visit loved ones whom they may not see very much at other times of the year. However, going far away from home and discovering that you need a serious dental procedure such as wisdom teeth extraction in Sandwich, MA can put a damper on the season. What […]

4 Risks of Not Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

Dental Patient In Pain From Needing Her Wisdom Teeth ExtractedMany doctors recommends people get their wisdom teeth removed when they are still fairly young! When people receive this tooth extraction when they are in their teens or 20s, there is a reduced likelihood of experiencing complications as a result from the surgery. Waiting even a few years can increase your odds of having the […]

Advanced Dental Technology, CBCT Scanners

CBCT ScannerThere is no denying that dental technology has come a long way over the past two decades. From 3D imaging to full arch dental implants, advanced technology helps to improve patient experiences and oral health, and enhance dentists’ skills as oral care professionals. A dentist in Plymouth, MA can use the latest advanced dental technology […]

How to Perform an at Home Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is a serious health concern that affects thousands of Americans every year and if left untreated, can become deadly. However, routine oral cancer screenings can help detect the concern before it advances to more serious stages. With proper treatment and timely care, oral cancer can be treated and health restored. Most dental professions […]

Has your Oral Surgeon suggested that you have your wisdom teeth removed?

Impacted Wisdom ToothIf you're really feeling worried about undertaking oral surgery in Sandwich, MA, you're not the only one. Many people's wisdom teeth emerge in between the ages of 17-25 and also start to create issues only fixed if they are removed. Understanding what to anticipate for this treatment can ease your dental anxiety and assist you […]

How to Maintain Your Dental Implants

Dental Implant ModelDental Implants are designed to fit, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. When it comes to missing teeth dental implants are considered the permanent solution because they provide patients with a long-lasting solution to their missing teeth problem. However, although dental implants can be considered a long-term solution it is just as important […]

Necessities Behind Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teethWisdom teeth are a part of most people’s lives. There are only about 35% of the human population born without any at all. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth end up causing major issues for people because they tend to grow in impacted, because there isn’t enough room in a mouth for them, typically. This is when wisdom […]

Halting Sensitive Teeth

Halting Sensitive TeethIt is a common feeling to experience tooth sensitivity every now and again, but when a severe pain pops up in a tooth it is important to have your symptoms checked by a dental professional. If the symptoms you’re experiencing inflamed, red or bleeding gums along with irregular pain, you may be experiencing a serious […]