How Many Missing Teeth Can Dental Implants Replace?

close up shot of a patient’s mouth with a single implantA dental implant is a gold standard tooth replacement option that is composed of a dental implant post, an abutment, and a prosthesis. The dental implant post is made to act like a natural tooth root, the abutment is the connector piece, and the prosthesis is what gives patients a natural and better-looking new smile. […]

Will I Need To Replace My Final Prosthesis?

dentist implantologist showing dental bridge implant technology on human tooth jaw modelIf you are a patient getting dental implants in Plymouth, MA, you may have some questions about the different parts of a dental implant. The one you probably have the most questions about are the part that you can see, the crown or denture that gets placed on top of the dental implants, otherwise known […]

Am I A Candidate For Full Arch Dental Implants In Sandwich, MA?

Meet Dr. Lane - Lane Oral Surgery - Plymouth, MA and Sandwich, MA.Full arch dental implants can restore a patient’s smile so that they can maintain a normal diet, speak clearly, and smile confidently. While full mouth dental implants can restore a patient’s smile in numerous ways, not everyone is a candidate for them. Various factors influence a person’s candidacy for full mouth dental implants in Sandwich, […]

Is The Cost For Dental Implants In Bourne, MA, The Same For Everyone?

Dental Patient Missing His ToothWhile many people can get treated with dental implants, the cost of dental implants in Bourne, MA will vary from patient to patient. This is because everyone’s mouth is unique, and the dental implant procedure options or steps that are needed for one patient, may not be needed for another. Ready to learn more about […]

Can I Have A Customized New Smile With Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth and Implant conceptFull mouth dental implants in Plymouth, MA, are a trusted and reliable full arch teeth replacement option. With full mouth dental implants, four or more dental implants are used to secure and stabilize a full arch prosthesis. Because no two people have the same exact smile, full mouth dental implants can be custom-made to fit […]

Why Are Abutments Needed In Dental Implant Procedures?

Dentist clear jaw model, dental tooth implantAn abutment is one part of a dental implants in Plymouth, MA that connects the dental implant post to the tooth crown (prosthesis). Whether people need to restore their smile with one dental implant or full mouth dental implants, the abutment plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and longevity of the dental implant. […]

Have Multiple Missing Teeth? You Should Get Treated With Multiple Dental Implants

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery resident in training during a surgical simulation training lab.Multiple dental implants in Sandwich, MA are used to replace missing teeth in various parts of a patient’s mouth. Each dental implant post, in a multiple dental implant procedure, serves as an artificial tooth root, providing a stable foundation for a replacement tooth or a bridge. There are numerous reasons why people should replace their […]

Who Is A Candidate For Implant Supported Dentures?

Close-up of a female doctor pointing at teeth x-ray image at dental office.Implant supported dentures in Plymouth, MA, also known as overdentures, are a restorative tooth replacement option. Unlike traditional dentures that rest on the gums, implant supported dentures are supported by and attached to dental implants — typically titanium posts surgically fixed in the patient’s jawbone. There are various factors that can determine a person's candidacy […]

Does Anything Happen If I Don’t Replace My Missing Teeth With Tooth Implants In Bourne, MA?

an image of Dr. William Lane.Tooth implants are considered to be a gold standard tooth replacement option for many reasons. With tooth implants, patients will be able to maintain a normal diet, speak properly without their new teeth moving around, and have the confidence to show their smile. There are those, however, who do not replace their missing teeth with […]

Is IV Sedation Necessary When Getting Treatment For Facial Trauma In Plymouth, MA?

an image of Dr. Lane.When people have facial trauma in Plymouth, MA, they will want to get it treated with trusted facial trauma procedures. But how will people be able to have an anxiety-free and comfortable facial trauma procedure? With IV sedation, patients will be able to get the facial trauma treatments they need without being anxiety-ridden or uncomfortable. […]