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Looking For Full Mouth Reconstruction? Look No Further!

When you look in the mirror, do you wish your smile were more beautiful or complete? Many adults experience discomfort, lowered confidence and health difficulties due to a variety of tooth and gum problems. One way to address all these problems is with a full mouth reconstruction in Plymouth, MA.


How Does a Full Mouth Reconstruction Work?

The phrase “full mouth reconstruction” is actually an umbrella term used for any kind of treatment plan that completely restores a patient’s waning smile. For instance, your full mouth restoration may include placement of dental implants and tooth crowns. Another person’s full mouth reconstruction may require reconstructive jaw surgery, bone grafts and tooth extractions

How do specialists decide which type of treatment will help you get to your ultimate goal? They rely on a number of techniques and equipment. As an example, at your initial consultation, you can expect to undergo several computerized diagnostic tests. The resulting images will help your oral surgeon gauge how to proceed. At the same time, your oral surgeon will want to examine your teeth and gums, using experience as a guide to artfully and thoughtfully create a personalized roadmap for your situation.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Every patient has unique issues and concerns. Therefore, every full mouth reconstruction follows a one-of-a-kind route. Your full mouth reconstruction may require a year or longer of successive treatments. Though this can sound like a long time, patience is essential. Many treatments, such as the placement of dental implants to restore aesthetics and function, take months to heal properly. Yes, it can be hard to wait for the final results. When you see the outcomes though, you will understand why being a patient patient pays off!


Are You a Candidate for a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Plymouth or Sandwich, MA?

If you dislike your smile or have health concerns related to the placement, shape or condition of your teeth, jawbone or gums, contact an oral surgeon today. Our offices in Plymouth, MA and Sandwich, MA are accepting new patients interested in full mouth reconstructions with our oral surgeons, William F. Lane, D.M.D. and William M. Lane MD, DMD, MBA. Dr. Lane, an alumni of Harvard University and Boston University, has practiced for decades and is a well-respected member of dental organizations including the American Dental Association, Massachusetts Dental Society and American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

Schedule your consultation by calling (508) 273-2213 to meet us in our office in Plymouth, MA, or (508) 591-8605 for our Sandwich, MA location.

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