Looking For Full Mouth Reconstruction? Look No Further!

Full Arch Dental Implant Patient SmilingWhen you look in the mirror, do you wish your smile were more beautiful or complete? Many adults experience discomfort, lowered confidence and health difficulties due to a variety of tooth and gum problems. One way to address all these problems is with a full mouth reconstruction in Plymouth, MA. How Does a Full Mouth Reconstruction […]

Using Platelet Rich Growth Factors in Oral Surgery

On an annual basis, new technologies and techniques in oral surgery are emerging that makes procedures more precise and comfortable for patients. One of these advancements is platelet rich growth factors (PRGF). Derived from the patient’s own blood, this advanced healing technique has many benefits. Your oral surgeon will be able to create this byproduct […]

"Impacted" | Impacted Wisdom Teeth And Treatment

about impacted teethWhen you hear this word in our office, it is most likely that we are talking about your wisdom teeth. And while we know that it may sound scary to have “impacted wisdom teeth”, we want you to know that actually it is very common condition to have. What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?Throughout evolutionary history, […]

Kaitlin’s Amazing Journey – Part 4

dental implant patient journeyIn each video journal entry, Kaitlin shares her progress and experience as she gets closer to having her new, permanent smile. After years of monthly dental visits for ailing teeth caused by a past eating disorder, Kaitlin is excited by the promise of having a permanent solution to her dental problems and a confident, beautiful […]

Why do we have wisdom teeth, anyway?

why do we have wisdom teeth anywayWisdom teeth were once an extremely valuable asset to our ancestors. When a typical diet consisted of chewy plants and uncooked meat, third molars (wisdom teeth), which fit easily into our ancestors’ larger jaws, were absolutely necessary. Wisdom teeth were the evolutionary answer to the need for chewing power to combat excessive wear. Today, our […]

Missing Teeth: More than Just a Gap in Your Smile

4 huge risks of not replacing missing teethWhile it is true that the most obvious effect of missing teeth is a gap in your smile, missing teeth can cause other problems that you might not be immediately aware of. For example, did you know that for every missing tooth you have you lose 10 percent of your chewing ability? Read on to […]

Making Progress – Journal Entry #3

Making Progress – Journal Entry #3With surgery #1 under her belt, Kaitlin is beaming with hope and pride as expressed in her third entry of her video journal. Watch more of Kaitlin’s inspiring story, this time as she shares her experience after her first surgery. Another step has been completed in her journey toward a new, permanent smile and renewed […]

Kaitlin’s Amazing Journey – Part 2

kaitlins amazing journey part 2In this entry of Kaitlin’s video journal, she talks about her feelings of nervousness and excitement heading into her first permanent, full-smile restoration procedure, with Dr. Lane. Kaitlin’s teeth were badly damaged from eating disorders while growing up. Drs. Lane and Scardella, and other dental professionals are working to give her back the beautiful smile […]

Kaitlin’s Amazing Journey – Part 1

Kaitlin’s Amazing Journey – Part 1Eating disorders took Kaitlin’s smile away 15 years ago. Drs. Lane and Scardella, and other professionals in the dental community are in the process of giving Kaitlin her smile and, most importantly, her self-confidence back. This amazing story of a complex oral health case coming full circle speaks to the amazing power of Kaitlin’s strength […]

The Many Advantages of the SmileOn! Dental Implant Center

smile on oral surgery sloganAt Lane Oral Surgery, we’ve developed an entirely new approach to permanent dental implants. SmileOn! Implant Center brings together your team and ours to do nothing less than change lives. With SmileOn!, you do more than learn about the implant procedure – you become an integral part of it. And that’s good news for your […]