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How IV Sedation Helps Your Dental Implant Procedure!

Fear of going to the dentist is an unfortunate reality many people face. That is why we offer IV Sedation at our Sandwich Massachusetts office. We strive to offer the best and highest comforting possible experiences. Here is how IV Sedation helps both you and the dentist to give you the best possible outcome for your dental implant procedure!

What Does IV Sedation Do?

IV Sedation, with IV standing for intravenously, is a liquid sedative administered through a vein, typically in the arm. This advantage is only available when choosing oral surgeons for dental implants because of the expertise required to operate IV Sedatives in order to prevent any complications.

The sedative works simply by blocking sensations of discomfort, pain, and anxiety. If you choose this option, you do not fully go unconscious but into a state of extreme relaxation which allows for any worries to be whisked away. As a matter of fact, most patients do not remember anything about the procedure so whilst you are not fully unconscious it is as if you had been.

How this can help the doctor is simple. If you have a lot of fear around dentists, you are more likely to squirm, fidget, or move around during the procedure. This can impact how well the procedure’s results will be as the doctor will have to adjust to the movements. IV Sedation allows for the doctor to work without these possible mishaps, giving you the highest quality treatment.


Now that you know a little more about IV sedation in Sandwich, MA, from a general perspective, you might want to know more about when and how it is used. Below are some of the ways that an oral surgeon might lean on the safety of IV sedation during the dental implant process.

During Pre-Implantation Procedures:

Do you have less bone density than you need to support one or more implants? Without enough bone, your implants could never be stable enough. Though bone graft treatments are sometimes performed during placement of dental implants, that is not always the case. If needed, IV sedation during your bone graft can help you get through the experience quickly without having any memory of the event.

During Dental Implant Surgeries:

Many times, an oral surgeon will recommend IV sedation for all kinds of dental implant surgery including placement of both single and multiple implants. Remember that IV sedation allows you to be present without any chance of feeling discomfort. After your implant surgery, you will be given special instructions to follow to continue feeling little pain while you heal.

During Emergency Dental Implant-Related Procedures:

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and some may involve dental implants. For example, you may have been in an accident that knocked a dental implant loose. IV sedation may be necessary to keep you calm and immobile during delicate or complex surgical procedures aimed at helping you regain full oral function and appearance.

Of course, IV sedation is just one of the many types of sedation vehicles that can be used during any kind of treatment, including procedures related to dental implant placement. You will probably want to know the others, too.

Our Sedation Options

Whilst IV Sedation is a fantastic option for those with moderate to severe dental anxiety, we offer other forms of sedation for less severe cases. One of those options is a local anesthetic which blocks the pain of a region so that you will not feel the procedure as it occurs. Another is fast-acting nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, which works similarly to IV sedation but with a lesser effect overall. This means you will likely remember the procedure but will be relaxed during it. Finally, we offer an oral medication option that will allow you to essentially sleep through the procedure.


Whichever option you choose, we are ready to help! Dr. William F. Lane has been working for over three decades providing high-quality dental implant procedures throughout. Dr. Lane has worked vigorously to stay on top of new advancements in dental healthcare and gives the time and attention each client needs to find the custom option that is best for them.

So, if you are in the Sandwich, Massachusetts area and are looking for a great oral surgeon, who has extensive experience placing dental implants, consider reaching our office in Sandwich, MA at (508) 888-8898 or fill out our web contact form here. During your first visit, Dr. Lane can work with you to figure out if IV sedation makes the most sense for your personalized implant dentistry solution. There is no need to wait any longer to improve your smile the most comfortable, safe, and convenient way possible. Get the help you need today!

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