Why Choose Sedation Dentistry In Plymouth, MA?

a dental patient using oral sedation for her sedation dentistry method before her dental procedure.Some people start to feel a little uneasy at the mere mention of going to the dentist. Others have trouble sitting still for dental appointments due to general anxiety or an unpleasant reminder of an uncomfortable dental experience from their past. Patient’s can avoid these responses by working with a doctor who offers sedation dentistry […]

Sedation Dentistry And Dental Anxiety Elimination

image of a dental patient getting nitrous oxide sedation dentistry.If someone is suffering from dental anxiety, they can still experience a comfortable, calm, and stress-free visit to an oral surgeon. In fact, thanks to advancements in sedation dentistry, patients no longer have to fear going to any dental provider. When working with dentists who are dedicated to providing a variety of options for sedation […]

How Does Sedation Dentistry Improve Your Dental Experience?

Dental Patient Under Dental SedationDo you have terrible anxiety about going to the dental office? Would you rather walk around with any existing issues that you have with your mouth instead of enduring pain and going to the dental office? Many Americans feel the exact same way that you do. The dental industry has come up with a way […]

How IV Sedation Helps Your Dental Implant Procedure!

Dental IV Sedative BagFear of going to the dentist is an unfortunate reality many people face. That is why we offer IV Sedation at our Sandwich Massachusetts office. We strive to offer the best and highest comforting possible experiences. Here is how IV Sedation helps both you and the dentist to give you the best possible outcome for […]

How To Handle an Emergency Tooth Extraction During Holiday Travel

Dental Patient Worried About Her Upcoming Dental ProcedureMany people enjoy traveling for the holidays to visit loved ones whom they may not see very much at other times of the year. However, going far away from home and discovering that you need a serious dental procedure such as wisdom teeth extraction in Sandwich, MA can put a damper on the season. What […]

How Sedation Dentistry Can Improve Your Dental Experience

Dental IV BagAre you anxious about an upcoming dental procedure and have questions about sedation? You are not alone. Up to 30% of people express anxiety and concerns about discomfort or pain that can be associated with dental procedures. This can often cause a delay in seeking much needed treatment, which can, in turn, worsen the dental […]

Fear the Dentist No More with Sedation Dentistry

Dental IV Sedative BagGoing to the dentist is one of those things we all know has lifelong benefits, but many people are nervous about their visits, and some are too scared to go at all! If you’re one of the millions of Americans with dental anxiety, we encourage you to visit our sedation dentist in Sandwich, MA. Sedation […]

Sedation Dentistry: Why Is It Beneficial?

Dental Patient Taking A Dental Sedative PillDental anxiety has no limitations and it can affect dental patients of all ages. However, thanks to major advancements in sedation dentistry, patients who suffer from dental anxiety have an option for relief. Even more so they will be able to experience receiving the dental care they need without the anxiety they don’t want. To […]

How to Prepare for Oral Surgery with IV Sedation

a picture of iv sedation being administered in a dental officeChoosing IV sedation for an oral surgery procedure in Plymouth, MA is often one of the best ways to ensure a comfortable, relaxing, and pain-free experience. IV sedation is the most customizable type of sedation, so the level of medication being administered intravenously will be precisely the amount a patient will need, for as long […]

Sedation Dentistry: How Sedation Dentistry Can Calm Your Anxiety

patient overcoming dental anxiety with sedation dentistryA vast majority of the population suffers from dental anxiety. It is actually estimated that more than 10% of American adults avoid going to the dentist because their dental anxiety is severe.Causes of Dental AnxietyThere are quite a few reasons people experience anxiety about dentists including the following:Fear of painFeeling helplessBad gag reflexEmbarrassmentNegative experiences Sedation is […]