a picture of what full mouth dental implants look like with the dental implant posts inside a dental implant model and the dental prosthetic hovering over the dental implants

How Can Full Arch Dental Implants Benefit Me In Plymouth, MA?

Some people have lost all or most of their teeth in their upper jaw, lower jaw, or both jaws. Others are tired of dealing with all the problems that come from wearing removable dentures. For people who want to stop struggling with teeth that keep failing or need to be extracted, they can finally move past all these issues by talking with a doctor about their candidacy for full arch dental implants in Plymouth, MA.

Full arch dental implants are some of the most life-improving treatments available in modern dentistry. When placed by a trained expert with years of experience in working with typical and complex dental cases, full arch dental implants can restore nearly all of a patient’s dental function and appearance of their natural teeth. Full mouth dental implants are also the only treatment that provides patients with missing teeth with the following benefits.


Improves A Patient’s Ability To Enjoy A Well-Rounded Diet

One of the biggest—and most welcome—surprises reported by patients who receive full arch dental implants in Plymouth, MA, is their ability to eat whatever they want. When a patient’s teeth are missing or damaged, their diet tends to become more and more limited. Plus, if patients wear standard dentures in their upper jaw, they may find it hard to enjoy the taste of food. This is due to dentures covering the roof of patients mouths.

Full arch dental implants include a denture device that does not need to cover a patient’s mouth roof. Instead, the device is securely attached to several precisely placed dental  implants. Patient’s can taste and eat all the foods they love, never worrying about limiting their nutrition again!

Increases A Patient’s Confidence In Social Situations

The appearance of full arch dental implants is nothing short of remarkable. Because the prosthesis is created especially for every patient’s unique smile, patients can have a dream smile that seems completely natural and beautiful.

Being able to feel relaxed while speaking with others or taking pictures has more positive effects than you might realize. Plus, full arch dental implants are permanent. This means no more denture slippage accidents.

Improves Ability To Preserve A Patient’s Jawbone Structure

Every time a tooth falls out or needs to be extracted, the bone around the empty tooth socket begins to deteriorate. In very little time, this deterioration can be seen and felt as the jawline starts to change. Many people who have lost their teeth feel like they are aging faster due to the “shrunken” look that their gums begin to take. This is all because the jawbone stops being stimulated by the teeth.

Full arch dental implants stimulate the jawbone just like regular teeth would. Consequently, the phenomenon of jawbone loss slows down considerably. 


We Can Place Your Full Arch Dental Implants In Plymouth, MA 

You can have a consultation with our trained, skilled, and caring doctor for your full mouth dental implant treatment. Dr. Lane will bring his more than 35 years to your case and work with you to pinpoint the most advantageous treatment method to resolve your dental concerns. Get in contact with Dr. William F. Lane and Dr. William M. Lane at our Lane Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today! 

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