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Sedation Dentistry And Dental Anxiety Elimination

If someone is suffering from dental anxiety, they can still experience a comfortable, calm, and stress-free visit to an oral surgeon. In fact, thanks to advancements in sedation dentistry, patients no longer have to fear going to any dental provider. When working with dentists who are dedicated to providing a variety of options for sedation dentistry in Plymouth, MA, dental health can be taken care of without all the worry.

Why make it a point to find a dental provider who specializes in delivering dependable, safe sedation dentistry in Plymouth, MA? Oral health is vitally important for everyone, especially because it is connected to overall health. When the mouth is healthy, the body is less taxed by systemic issues such as untreated infections and serious bone loss.


What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry comes in many forms and the type of sedation that is administered to a patient really depends on the patient’s comfort level, as well as the type of dental procedure that needs to be done.

To better understand sedation dentistry, please review the different types that that are offered for patients at a dental office in Plymouth, MA.

Oral Sedation

This is sedation in pill form. About an hour before the appointment, the patient will come to the dental office and be given an oral medicine. The medicine is designed to reduce anxiety and help ease pain during a patient’s visit.

Since oral sedation can make people groggy and drowsy, they may need a ride to and from their appointment. However, the overall effects of oral sedation wear off quickly. Some people choose to go back to work later in the day if their oral sedation dentistry appointment is in the morning.

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a gas that is administered in the office by a general dentist just prior to the procedure. It produces a euphoric, pleasant reaction.

Unlike the effects of oral sedatives or IV sedation, the euphoria of nitrous oxide wears off within minutes. This means that patients can drive themselves home after receiving nitrous oxide.

Local Anesthetic

Typically, local anesthetic is the preferred type of sedation dentistry for highly invasive procedures. In emergency situations, a local anesthetic injected directly into painful areas relieves severe pain by numbing a region of the body.

It can take a few hours for a local anesthetic to wear off. During that time, patients may not be able to drink or eat. Depending upon the extent of the treatment, as well as whether or not a patient needs another type of sedation, they may want a driver.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is delivered intravenously. This makes it possible for a dental team to deliver medicines into the bloodstream. It is very critical that patients only receive their IV sedation from trained professionals. Dr. William M. Lane is certified to offer patients IV sedation safely at Lane Oral Surgery’s offices.

After IV sedation, patients will need someone to pick them up because IV sedation puts people into a semi-sleep state. This means that a patient will be alert enough to respond and move but may not have memory of their procedural experience. Most people like to take the day off after IV sedation and just relax.

Benefits Of IV Sedation During Oral And Surgical Treatments

Whether patients are being placed with dental implants or undergoing jaw surgery, an oral surgeon may recommend IV sedation over other types of sedation. There are several reasons for this:

Pain and Anxiety Free

IV sedation offers full body calming and dependable pain management. There is little chance of any breakthrough discomfort.


IV sedation is predictable in terms of outcomes and expectations. When working with someone like Dr. Lane, who is certified to administer IV sedation, patients can be sure that they will be given exactly the right amount of medicine for their procedure.


IV sedation keeps patients relaxed for an entire treatment. Being relaxed is essential for both the patient and their oral surgeon. It can make the procedure seem like it’s going faster, too.

IV sedation allows patients to get the dental care they deserve. Putting off dental appointments can make medical problems escalate. IV sedation dentistry in Plymouth, MA, enables patients to address nagging and critical issues.


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