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Necessities Behind Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a part of most people’s lives. There are only about 35% of the human population born without any at all. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth end up causing major issues for people because they tend to grow in impacted, because there isn’t enough room in a mouth for them, typically. This is when wisdom teeth need to be extracted, so teeth don’t shift and soft tissue become infected.

When you undergo wisdom teeth extractions, it is typical to have IV sedation for the procedure. IV sedation provides a calm for the patients during this surgery, as it is extensive at times and can be painful depending on the severity of the wisdom teeth and how they’re coming in.

Wisdom teeth tends to be an optional surgery, but dentists warn their patients that it can cause teeth shifting. One main reason wisdom teeth would need to be removed, without an option would be if they’re causing a bad infection and allowing bacteria to enter the site.

If you choose to have your wisdom teeth extracted, by your doctor’s recommendation, you will need to take care of the site to keep it clean. Your dentist will give you specific directions on how to properly care for your oral hygiene. During this healing period, you may experience pain and swelling, so your dentist will also prepare you for proper healing with ice/heating packs and pain killers to ensure you feel comfortable.

If you are in need of wisdom teeth care or you’re interested in learning if this may be a procedure you need to undergo, contact your dentist and their team for an appointment. X-rays can be done to see how the teeth are growing in, or if you are among the few that don’t have any.

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