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The Many Advantages of the SmileOn! Dental Implant Center

At Lane Oral Surgery, we’ve developed an entirely new approach to permanent dental implants. SmileOn! Implant Center brings together your team and ours to do nothing less than change lives. With SmileOn!, you do more than learn about the implant procedure – you become an integral part of it. And that’s good news for your patients.


When you refer SmileOn! permanent implants, you’re giving your patients even more reasons to love your practice. We ensure excellence by keeping doctor, surgery and lab all under one roof, and work closely with you to turn the very latest in implant products and technology into perfect, permanent smiles.

Implants return smiles to your patients’ faces and confidence to their lives. With SmileOn! Wednesdays and Fridays at our Plymouth office, you have two weekly opportunities to participate in the reconstructive process, observe the latest in implant-based solutions, and assist your patients in the true coordination of care. We keep your patients happy and healthy – in no time – and that’s a great reflection on you.

SmileOn! is a unique, patient-focused approach that compensates referring dentists for their participation and involvement. SmileOn! Implant Center is not only end-to-end in terms of continuity of care, it’s win-win for both doctor and patient.

To learn more about SmileOn! call Robin McLaughlin at 508-746-8700 or visit

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