a close up picture of a patients smile showing a dental implant post placed in the gums where they had their bone grafting procedure aided with PRP for a faster procedure experience.

Will PRP Aid My Bone Grafting Procedure So I Can Get Dental Implants In Sandwich, MA?

Bone grafting is a common and safe way to improve the health and density of a patient’s jawbone in preparation for their dental implants in Sandwich, MA. A skilled and knowledgeable oral surgeon is trained and equipped to use the latest techniques, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), to speed up bone graft healing and outcomes. With PRP making jawbone regrowth easier after a bone grafting procedure, patients can more efficiently get their dental implant surgery.


What Is PRP And How Does It Help Me Get Dental Implants?

Bodies have the amazing ability to heal themselves. After a surgical procedure, a patient’s body will naturally send microstructures to the site. These microstructures include platelets which release growth factors aimed at speeding up the healing process by stimulating the regeneration of new tissues.

As it can be imagined, the more platelets that are directed to a wound, the faster the healing can potentially occur. This is where PRP comes into play.

PRP can be made by putting a small amount of the patient’s blood into a special centrifuge machine to separate the platelets from the rest of the blood. The resulting PRP is combined with the patient’s bone, a compatible bone substitute, or a synthetic bone-like product such as BIO-OSS.

The resulting mixture can then be added to the surgical site to assist in the body’s repair of soft and hard tissues. The more rapidly the patient’s body can restore jawbone density through a bone grafting procedure, the sooner the doctor can confidently place their dental implants in Sandwich, MA.

Why PRP Is Safe And Effective

Because PRP is made using the patient’s own blood, their body is highly unlikely to reject it. Plus, the patient will never have to worry about disease transmission, which can be a concern if a doctor uses bio-materials from another living donor.

Beyond safety, PRP offers other advantages:

  • PRP can be generated and placed in a doctor’s office in about 15 minutes.
  • PRP can be used in a bundled bone grafting and dental implant placement appointment.
  • PRP produces faster tissue regeneration.
  • PRP can be harvested in-office, making it a less expensive procedure.


Get Accelerated Bone Grafting For A More Efficient Dental Implant Procedure In Sandwich, MA

When it comes to streamlining your dental implant treatment, PRP can be a valuable asset. You can come see our skilled and knowledgeable oral surgeon to see if PRP could be the right way for you to speed up your dental implant procedure process.

Don’t hesitate to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. William F. Lane and our exceptional team of professionals at our Lane Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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