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The Study of Oral Pathology

Oral pathology is a specialty that diagnoses diseases that affect the mouth and the jaw. It is essential to be aware of the appearance of your gums and tissues and Lane Oral Surgery can help with conducting oral pathology exams in order to help address any concerns. A pathology exam will examine the inside and outside of your mouth to assess any lumps and look for any changes in color in your gums and tissues. Lane Oral Surgery will do a thorough exam and check-up, but if they see anything that is a cause for concern, they may recommend a biopsy.

Oral cancer is becoming a serious concern and affects thousands of people. Oral cancer can be detected from cheeks, gum tissue, teeth, face, and neck. Symptoms can be hard to identify and pain is not always a concrete reason for oral cancer. But there are some signs that should trigger you to get a professional evaluation from Dr. Lane. If you have a lump on the inside of your mouth, have difficulty chewing, have a consistent sore throat, or red and white patches in the mouth then you should visit Lane Oral Surgery immediately.

Prevention methods typically involve quitting smoking and alcohol intake in order to decrease the risk of oral cancer. Other oral health issues such as tooth decay and gum disease can also fall under the category of oral pathology if the issues are left untreated for an extended amount of time. Good oral hygiene and regular visits to a general dentist will help with maintaining and treating and oral health issues that arise.

Lane Oral Surgery specializes in numerous oral and maxillofacial procedures and aims to give all their patients the best care, making it their mission to make every patient happier and healthier. They believe in using state of the art technology to ensure you feel comfortable and secure with your procedure. For more information contact our offices in Plymouth, Massachusetts or Sandwich, Massachusetts to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lane.  

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