the shamrock study club

The Shamrock Study Club

Founded in 2006 as a locus of thought leadership and innovation, and based on the groundbreaking work of the renowned Seattle Study Club, the Shamrock Study Club provides extraordinary educational experiences that foster collegiality and a cooperative spirit that benefits club members, their patients and the regional dental community at large. Serving the South Shore, Cape Cod and the Islands, the Shamrock Study Club offers its members a host of unique benefits – among them a timely and well-considered schedule of events and exclusive access to the resources of the Seattle Study Club. The Club exists to serve by providing education and inspiration, and in n this way, fostering practice building, optimizing patient care, and ushering in the dental practices of the future. In addition to being part of the Seattle Study Club – an international organization and worldwide thought leader – members of the Shamrock Study Club enjoy programs close to home and earn CEUs at costs considerably lower than comparable programs. Driving the success of the Shamrock Study Club is the active involvement of its members. From treatment-planning sessions to problem-solving workshops, member-curated and member-run programs are critical in establishing the proper environment for progress, development, meaningful interaction and direction of the Club. Visit for more information about membership and the upcoming events.

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