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Is There A Procedure Process For SmileOn!™ Dental Implants In Sandwich, MA?

When people with missing teeth educate themselves on the different types of dental implant procedures, it can help them understand how each one restores the look and function of their smile. After all, every type of dental implant option and procedure process can be a little different. Take the procedure to receive SmileOn!™ dental implants in Sandwich, MA, for instance.

The SmileOn! dental implant procedure processes is designed to give patients a trusted new smile that is reliable. Read on to learn more about how this advanced procedure can improve the look and function of the patients smile.

What Makes The Procedure Process For SmileOn! Dental Implants In Sandwich, MA A Great Way To Replace Teeth?

SmileOn! dental implants leverage all the typical advantages that come from getting treated with dental implants, including improving the health and strength of the patients jawbone so they have better biting and chewing powers. The SmileOn! dental implant procedure, however, has been specifically refined for faster, more successful workflows and outcomes.

The SmileOn! dental implant procedure process begins with the oral surgeon evaluating the patients mouth with advanced technologies and techniques so that they get the exact new smile that they want. Once the six to eight dental implants have been strategically placed in the patient’s jawbone, a temporary prosthesis can be placed during the same surgical procedure.

After the implant sites have healed, the patient can go get their final prosthesis placed and cemented. But what specific procedural elements make SmileOn! dental implants stand out from other dental implant procedure processes? Here is what makes SmileOn dental implant procedure processes so patient-friendly:


Because no two people’s smiles are the same, SmileOn! dental implant procedure processes are fully customized, so patients get the individualized care they need for their specific oral needs and goals.

Advanced Technologies:

The SmileOn! dental implant procedure process includes the use of advanced technologies, like the 3D cone beam CT imaging scanners. Advanced technologies help the oral surgeon find the best possible location for each dental implant so that their new smile is long lasting.

Appropriate Number of Implants:

For SmileOn! dental implant procedures, the patient will need at least six to eight dental implants placed so they have a stable and functional new smile.

Immediate Dental Functionality:

Patients can leave the day of their SmileOn dental implant surgery with a full arch temporary prosthesis that allows them to properly eat and speak again.

Can Be Maintained With Routine Oral Hygiene:

When patients improve their smile with SmileOn! dental implants, they can take care of it like they would their natural teeth. This means they should brush and floss their new teeth daily.


Go To Our Office For Your SmileOn! Dental Implants In Sandwich, MA

We are proud to say that our founding oral surgeon, Dr. William F. Lane, is the inventor of SmileOn! dental implants. The SmileOn! dental implant procedure gives patients a new and improve smile that will allow them to resume a normal diet, speak in comfort, and smile with confidence.

Why wait to get the smile of your dreams with us? Get in contact with Dr. William F. Lane and our exceptional team at our Lane Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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