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Is The Cost For Dental Implants In Bourne, MA, The Same For Everyone?

While many people can get treated with dental implants, the cost of dental implants in Bourne, MA will vary from patient to patient. This is because everyone’s mouth is unique, and the dental implant procedure options or steps that are needed for one patient, may not be needed for another. Ready to learn more about why the cost of dental implants is not the same for everyone? Continue reading to learn more about why the cost of dental implants are not the same for everyone.  

Why Is The Cost Of Dental Implants In Bourne, MA Not The Same For Everyone?

A few of the most important variables that affect the cost of people’s customized dental implant procedures include:

The Number Of Dental Implants Needed:

Each dental implant people require for their treatment will add to the final cost. A single dental implant, for example, will cost less than a full arch dental implant, because fewer dental implant fixtures will be needed to replace missing and extracted teeth.

Other Required Procedures:

It is not unusual for patients interested in dental implants to require other procedures along with their dental implant placement. For example, patients who have lost most of their teeth may have insufficient bone tissue to support the dental implant posts. In that case, a bone grafting procedure will be necessary to restore the patient’s jawbone density before their dental implant post can be placed in it. When people have severely infected teeth, those teeth will need to be removed in a tooth extraction procedure. Each additional procedure that is required, in order for the patient to have a successful dental implant treatment, will add on to the dental implant procedure’s overall cost.

The Type Of Sedation Used:

In order to have a comfortable and anxiety-free dental implant procedure experience, sedation dentistry can be administered to the patient. The type and amount of sedation dentistry administered will affect the cost of the patient’s dental implant procedure.  

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No matter how many teeth you are missing, the additional procedures you need, the sedation dentistry option used for you, or what type of dental implant treatment you are getting treated with, our caring and dedicated office can help you determine the cost of your customized dental implant procedure. Don’t wait to improve the look, function, and health of your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. Lane,  our exceptional team at our Lane Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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