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Is IV Sedation Necessary When Getting Treatment For Facial Trauma In Plymouth, MA?

When people have facial trauma in Plymouth, MA, they will want to get it treated with trusted facial trauma procedures. But how will people be able to have an anxiety-free and comfortable facial trauma procedure? With IV sedation, patients will be able to get the facial trauma treatments they need without being anxiety-ridden or uncomfortable. Here is more about why IV sedation is necessary when getting treated with facial trauma procedures.

How Does IV Sedation Help Me During My Procedure For Facial Trauma In Plymouth, MA?

IV sedation is the process of delivering liquid sedative medication directly into the patient’s bloodstream. As soon as the drugs enter the patient’s body, they begin to block their pain receptors. However, unlike general anesthesia, IV sedation does not cause patients to lose consciousness.

IV sedation is considered to be conscious sedation, which means that the patient stays awake the whole time. It may cause patients to feel a little drowsy or even nod off, but they will never be unconscious. When used during facial trauma surgeries, like jaw surgery or emergency dental procedures, IV sedation provides a number of benefits to the patient.

How Does IV Sedation Benefit Me When I Am Getting Treatment For Facial Trauma?

When people go to get treated with facial trauma procedures, they will want to have a comfortable and anxiety-free experience. Luckily, IV sedation helps patients get the facial trauma procedures they need. The following are the specific ways IV sedation benefits patients when they are getting treated with facial trauma treatments:

Painless Treatment:

Patients will not feel anything during their facial trauma procedure when they are administered with IV sedation. With IV sedation, patients will not likely even remember their facial trauma procedure happening.

Faster Treatment:

Because IV sedation will put patients in a semi-conscious state during their facial trauma procedure, they will feel like it goes by faster than it really does. Some facial trauma treatments, however, are faster with IV sedation because the oral surgeon can work quickly and not need to keep administering other numbing agents in their body.

Speedy Recovery:

The effects of IV sedation wear off rapidly after the IV is removed at the end of the patient’s facial trauma procedure. Although facial trauma procedure patients who have been given IV sedation will need to have someone drive them home, they can expect to feel back to normal by the next day.


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