How Dental Implants Compare to Dentures

Missing many or all your teeth can have debilitating and painful consequences. If you are in this situation, you may be considering dentures—or already wear them. But did you know there is a vastly more functional and healthier alternative to these limiting false teeth? Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss and one that can restore your ability to eat, speak, and laugh with confidence! See how dental implants compare to dentures:


Dentures are mainly a visual improvement if you have lost all your teeth, as they only return 10% of function. Dental implants, however, are an actual replacement for missing teeth, restoring nearly complete biting and chewing power for eating. With dental implants permanently secured in your jaw like real teeth, you’ll be able to eat a variety of hard, tough, or chewy foods without issue.


Dentures can actually accelerate the resorption process that causes your jawbone to shrink. This makes it increasingly difficult to keep dentures stable and eat the nutritionally rich diet needed to maintain oral and physical health. Because dental implants are permanently fixed to your jawbone, they create a strong and stable foundation that provides healthy stimulation to your jawbone. You’ll be able to improve your overall health as implants restore over 99% of dental function.


Dentures of today are certainly more aesthetic than in past years, but they can still look like false teeth and may appear bulky in your mouth. Dental implant prosthetics are made from incredibly lifelike materials (like zirconia) and custom-designed for your unique facial shape and oral structures. Your new smile with dental implants will look so natural that no one will notice they aren’t real!

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