a dental implant model showing how the dental implant post, abutment, and crown are placed in the patients gums during their dental implant procedure.

During Dental Implant Surgeries, What Is The Procedure Process?

Understanding what to expect from any kind of medical treatment is important. The more patients know, the easier it is for them to plan a customized procedure experience. The procedure process for placing dental implants in Sandwich, MA, is no exception. Enhancing the look and function of a person’s smile with dental implants usually takes a strategically planned dental implant procedure process to successfully do so.

Here is what a dental implant procedure process looks like:


The Consultation For Dental Implants In Sandwich, MA

All well-trained oral surgeons will want to evaluate the patient in person before determining if they are a dental implant candidate. During this consultation, the oral surgeon will also spend time examining the patient’s mouth, talking about their health history, discussing their smile objectives, and educating them on their dental implant options.

A consultation is a great stage in the dental implant procedure process for patients to get all their dental implant questions answered.

Planning A Customized Dental Implant Procedure Process

If the patient decides to move forward with dental implants, the oral surgeon will take x-rays and other diagnostic images of the patients mouth to begin planning their dental implant surgery. If the patient needs to get a bone grafting or tooth extraction procedure before their dental implants can be successfully placed, that will be addressed here, too.

While the patient heals from their additional procedure, the oral surgeon will use high-tech software to create a surgical guide to precisely place each dental implant they need.

Placing The Dental Implant And Temporary Prosthetic

On the day that their dental implants are placed, the patient will arrive at the oral surgeon’s office and be given sedation dentistry for an anxiety-free procedure experience. When the patient is comfortable and ready, the dental implant placement will begin.

To ensure that the patient is never without teeth, the oral surgeon will attach a temporary (provisional) prosthetic to the patient’s dental implants. The patient can wear their temporary prosthesis until their final prosthesis is ready.


Come To Our Office For Your Dental Implants In Sandwich, MA

The systematic procedure to receive dental implants is both safe and dependable. However, it cannot begin until you come to our modern, advanced, and caring office for a consultation. When you have one or more missing teeth, you should come see our oral surgeon for a dental implant procedure because you will be given accurate and reliable dental implants through the latest techniques and technologies.

Are you ready to transform the look and function of your smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. William F. Lane and our state-of-the-art team at our Lane Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today!


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