a dental patient in a procedure chair as her oral surgeon improves her smile by placing her temporary prosthesis during her full mouth dental implant procedure.

Can I Improve My Smile By Getting Full Mouth Dental Implants In Plymouth, MA?

When people have a full arch of damaged or missing teeth, they can have trouble maintaining a normal diet, speaking clearly and comfortably, and having the confidence to show their smile. These situations can leave people feeling hopeless that they will ever have a normal smile again. However, there is always hope. Many people have revitalized their smiles through transformative full mouth dental implants in Plymouth, MA.

Here is how full mouth dental implants can improve patients’ smiles for years to come.


How Is My Smile Improved With Full Mouth Dental Implants In Plymouth, MA?

Unlike traditional dentures, full mouth dental implants are a permanent, predictable, and customized tooth replacement option that is designed to restore the function, health, and beauty of a patients smile. Once the patient has had their full mouth dental implants strategically and accurately placed, they will always have a beautiful smile as long as they follow all simple care instructions and keep up with their regular bi-annual dental check-ups.

What allows for full mouth dental implants to be the trusted, comprehensive, and lasting treatment for people with missing and irretrievably damaged or traumatized teeth? The secret behind them is their construction. Full mouth dental implants consist of four or more dental implant posts that are securely placed in the patient’s jawbone. The dental implant posts fuse with the patients jawbone and become stable, dependable supports for a full arch prosthesis.

While the patient’s mouth is healing, a temporary prosthesis is placed until the final customize prosthesis is ready to be placed and cemented. Once it is attached to the dental implant posts, the prosthesis returns full biting force to the wearer. The result is a restoration that is usable, looks amazing, and also provides the jawbone with the stimulation it needs to stay dense and viable.

After the patient’s mouth has healed, and the final prosthesis is made, they can go to a trusted dentist to get their final prosthesis placed.

What Are Benefits Of Getting Treated With Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Although full mouth dental implants are not suitable in every case, they can be suitable for most people. Even people with significant areas of jawbone loss can undergo a bone grafting procedure so they can qualify to get treated with full mouth dental implants.

The benefits that come with getting treated with full mouth dental implants include:

  • A secure and stable new smile
  • Can last for years with proper care and maintenance
  • Improves biting, chewing, and tasting capabilities
  • Preserves jawbone density and health
  • Does not cause jawbone resorption
  • Gives patients the confidence to smile


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