5 Steps in Dental Implant Surgery

Getting dental implants can be a big decision for many patients as it will impact their life tremendously. Restoring the ability to bite, chew, speak clearly, and smile confidently can make everyday living much easier as well as restore oral and overall health. Essentially, dental implants mimic natural teeth by providing lifelike function and appearance for years to come. Understanding what you can expect with dental implant surgery will help you make an informed decision and be ready for whats to come. With every implant case being different depending on your needs, wants, and goals, scheduling a personal consultation with your doctor will give you a more in-depth understanding the process. However, the basic approach to dental implants remains relatively the same with five core steps in the process.  
The Dental Implant Process Step-by-Step
The Initial Consultation This consultation will help your doctor better understand your smile goals. A preliminary examination of your mouth is often performed, questions will be answered, the cost will be discussed, and a treatment plan will be developed. This is a great opportunity for you to make sure you truly understand dental implants and what you can expect moving forward. The Planning Phase This crucial step is where all the x-rays and imagining is performed. This allows your doctor to get a better idea of the amount of jaw bone support you have, position of nerves and surrounding teeth, and gather data to be used for creating implant guides. If bone grafting is required, this treatment will be performed during this step. Placing the Implants When it comes time for the actual implant surgery, your doctor will have most of the hard work already completed and planned thanks to the planning phase. Patients often have sedation options to help block discomfort and ease their anxiety, making the surgery virtually painless and simple. The implants are placed into the area of the jaw that have the most bone to support them. Restoring the Implants Once your implants are secured into the jaw bone, typically a general dentist or specialist will restore them with lifelike dental crowns. These crowns are often designed ahead of time so once the implants are placed, you’ll be able to have them restored as soon as possible. The restorations will allow you to use your teeth like normal again and look natural within your smile. Healing Process The healing process for dental implants is truly simple. For the first 24 hours, patients are encouraged to eat only soft or liquid foods and avoid food and drink with extreme temperatures. Patients are typically sore for several days, but medication can be prescribed to help with the discomfort. Most patients feel back to their normal selves just a few days after surgery!  
Ready for the First Step?
Searching for the right dentist for your dental implant treatment may take time, but it’s an important step of the process. If you’re considering dental implants, reach out to your local dentist, William F. Lane, D.M.D. and William M. Lane MD, DMD, MBA, in our office in Sandwich, MA and set up a consultation!

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