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Wondering What Jaw Surgery In Bourne, MA, Does? This Is What It Does!

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Living with jaw problems, like a jaw that sticks, daily jaw pain, or a misaligned bite? With jaw surgery in Bourne, MA, people can get relief from their jaw problems, and they can have a better performing jaw. There are a number of specific things a jaw surgery, performed by a skilled and trusted oral surgeon, does. Curious to learn more about the other specific things that jaw surgery does? Continue reading to learn in greater detail what jaw surgery does.

What Exactly Does Jaw Surgery In Bourne, MA Do?

Jaw surgery is a procedure aimed at correcting problems associated with the jaw. For instance, if a patient struggles with TMJ disorder, a disorder of the jaw, one of the solutions may be to undergo a TMJ treatment procedure to address the problem. The following are the specific reasons why people would need jaw srgery.  
  • Have biting and chewing difficulties
  • Can’t swallow properly
  • Dealing with recurring migraines
  • Have TMJ pain or discomfort
  • Facial appearance is unbalanced
  • Have facial trauma or a broken jaw
  • Have sleep apnea concerns
    When performed by a trained, qualified, and experienced oral surgeon, jaw surgery can benefit a patient’s smile in numerous ways. Here are the main reasons how jaw surgery can benefit a patients’ smile.  
  • Will correct an uncomfortable jaw that does not move or fit properly
  • Improves the patient’s facial aesthetics
  • Improves the functionality of the patient’s jaw

Is Jaw Surgery Safe And Effective?

When performed by a reputable and credentialed oral surgeon, jaw surgery can safely produce the desired outcomes. Because jaw surgery requires precision, a leading oral surgeon will use the latest technologies to help guide the process. Some of these dental technologies include:

Cone Beam CT Scans:

The images produced by a CBCT scan are able to create a 3D model of the patient’s mouth. Cone beam CT scans are invaluable in determining how the oral surgeon can surgically correct the patient’s jaw, because they show the relationships between the patient’s jaw and other oral structures in their mouth.

Software And Systems:

Computerized systems are available that can leverage images like cone beam CT scans and digital x-rays, showing the oral surgeon how to plan each patient’s jaw surgery.

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