winter wisdom teeth removal tips for quick healing

Winter Wisdom Teeth Removal: Tips for Quick Healing

While you may feel less than thrilled about having your wisdom teeth removed, your parents are right: winter break is a great time to have this common procedure done as you won’t have to miss school during your recovery. NOTE: We still have appointments available: call now to book yours!At Lane Oral Surgery, we understand that the idea of having your wisdom teeth removed may bring up some anxieties in you – that is perfectly normal. We want you to know that we promise to keep you safe and pain-free throughout the procedure with a variety of anesthesia options available to you depending on your needs.So let us take care of the surgery so that you can focus on your recovery. Once you are home, here are some steps you can take to ensure a speedy recovery:Do:
  • Drink plenty of liquids (NO Straws though please). Soups and broths are great, as are non-acidic juices and water.
  • Treat yourself! This is a great time to indulge in your favorite (soft) foods like ice cream, pudding, yogurt and Jell-O. Maintain this soft-only diet (plus liquids) for 24 hours following your procedure.
  • Gradually add foods back into your diet, as soon as you feel ready.
    • A great progression of foods looks something like this:
      • Broths and Juices
      • Hot (warm) chocolate with whipped cream
      • Yogurt, pudding, Jell-O
      • Mashed potatoes
      • Eggs
      • Pancakes – (softened with syrup, of course)
      • Mac ‘n cheese
    • Get plenty of sleep and relax. Watch your favorite movies and take naps when you feel sleepy. Your body needs rest to heal.
    • Take your medications as we have prescribed. During the first 24 hours in particular, be sure to take medications at suggested times in order to stay one step ahead of the pain.
  • Don’t use straws – This loosens stitches and blood clots, causing a painful condition called “dry socket”.
  • Don’t Drink Soda – The bubbles also interfere with blood clots and increase your risk of dry socket.
  • Don’t eat crunchy foods like chips, popcorn or nuts as they may get stuck in your extraction site.
If you are still feeling unsure about an upcoming wisdom teeth appointment, give us a call. We can set your mind at ease. And parents, if you haven’t scheduled your teen’s procedure yet, give us a call to take advantage of one of our winter-break appointments!

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