a patient smiling after getting PRF hair restoration treatment from an expert oral surgeon.

Why Should You Get PRF Hair Restoration In Plymouth, MA?

Patients may already know that an oral surgeon can help them if they have one or more missing teeth. But patients may not be aware that some leading-edge oral surgeons can restore their missing hair, too. At a dental office in Plymouth, MA, experienced doctors are proud to provide PRF hair restoration treatment.

This article will dive a little deeper into what PRF hair restoration is, why it can be beneficial, and how patients can start the process of finding out if they are a good candidate for PRF treatment.


What Is PRF Hair Restoration?

For a long time, dental professionals have worked with platelet-rich fibrin, which is informally known as PRF. For those that are not familiar with what PRF is, it comes from the patient’s own blood. The blood is spun quickly to extract the PRF concentrate, which is then used to promote faster, more predictable healing after the patient’s oral surgery.

PRF concentrate is not just for oral surgical procedures. It has other valid restorative capabilities, including assisting the body to regenerate areas of thinning hair when injected into the scalp. The PRF injection process is comfortable and considered a nonsurgical treatment. Because PRF comes from a patient’s body, it is absorbed quickly and is 100% all-natural.

After a series of PRF injections over several months, both men and women have reported new hair growth. To help the beneficiary results of PRF hair restoration along in Plymouth, MA, patients can take specially formulated vitamins after getting this treatment.

Who Can Undergo PRF Hair Restoration In Plymouth, MA?

PRF hair restoration is a successful choice for many patients who want fuller, thicker hair. It is not for every patient’s situation, however, which is why an initial consultation is needed before treatment.

In general, hair restoration with PRF works best on patients who have one or more of these traits:

  • They just recently noticed that their hair was starting to thin.
  • They are experiencing the phenomenon known as a “receding hairline.”
  • They have small patches of bald or balding spots on their head.

Should You Consider PRF Hair Restoration?

Overall, PRF hair restoration is a safe, non-invasive, and exciting way to restore the strength, abundance, and appearance of hair that has begun to look sparse in Plymouth, MA. Because PRF hair restoration works gradually, it makes the transition to having fuller hair less obvious.

In fact, it is impossible for anyone to know that a patient is undergoing PRF hair restoration treatment. That being said, PRF hair restoration is an effective solution for anyone who wants to get back their lost hair


Come To Our Office For PRF Hair Restoration

If you want to use PRF to restore the quality of your hair, you have come to the right place. Get in contact with Dr. William F. Lane, Dr. William M. Lane, and our expert team at our Lane Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Dental Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today!

We have beautiful offices in Bourne and Sandwich, MA as well. We would be happy to show you our portfolio of PRF hair restoration before and after pictures so you can decide if this natural, organic age-defying solution could benefit you.

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