a wisdom tooth after being extracted.

Why Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed In Bourne, Ma?

Between your teen years and early 20s, you can expect your wisdom teeth to begin to erupt—or at least try to erupt. The wisdom teeth are your third molars and the last of your natural teeth to make an appearance. However, because they are so far in the back of your mouth, you may not have any room left for them. This is why so many people work with oral surgeons to talk about wisdom teeth removal in Bourne, MA. What is wisdom tooth removal (also called wisdom tooth extraction) and is it absolutely necessary? Read on to learn more about the teeth that tend to cause the most problems.  

What Are The Risks Associated With Wisdom Teeth Eruption?

When the wisdom teeth begin to push up, they may encounter some obstacles. For instance, many wisdom teeth erupt at a bit of an angle. This means that they end up erupting sideways. As you can imagine, this means that they end up bumping into the adjacent molar. Yet they naturally want to keep pushing, which can lead to discomfort, pain, and tooth crowding. Another challenge associated with wisdom teeth is if they erupt only part of the way. Half of the tooth crown may be buried below the gums. This ends up making a perfect “hiding place” for germs, food particles, and bacteria to collect and grow. Even if your wisdom teeth end up erupting fully, they may still be a big issue. Plenty of orthodontists refer their patients to oral surgeons for wisdom teeth removal in Bourne, MA. Why? The wisdom teeth are unnecessary and push against the other teeth, making orthodontic care impractical until they are gone.  

Do You Have To Go To An Oral Surgeon For Wisdom Teeth Removal In Bourne, Ma?

It is important that you partner with the right dental provider if you need to have your wisdom teeth taken out. Oral surgeons go to both dental and medical school. Their extensive backgrounds and education give them the specialized training you want from someone handling your wisdom teeth removal process. Taking out wisdom teeth can be very tricky and complicated. Oral surgeons are well-equipped to make decisions when faced with complex situations. Plus, they offer sedation dentistry options to keep you comfortable through the entire experience.  

How Can You Start The Wisdom Tooth Removal Discussion?

If you think or know that you or someone in your family, such as a child, need wisdom tooth removal in Bourne, MA, you do not have to wait for a referral to an oral surgeon from your general dentist or orthodontist. Simply get in touch with Lane Oral Surgery in Bourne, Sandwich, or Plymouth. We routinely perform wisdom teeth extractions and take all precautions to ensure the most successful outcome for you or your loved one.

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