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Why Choose An Oral Surgeon?

There are many advantages to choosing an oral surgeon in Bourne, MA, over another type of dentist. So many people these days do not take proper care of their teeth, so they most likely will need extra help when they seek dental attention. 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth and many adults have had a tooth extracted at some point in their life.   When people come to see an oral surgeon, they are the only dental specialist they will need. Continue reading to learn in more detail why people should choose to see an oral surgeon for their dental procedures.

Why Should An Oral Surgeon In Bourne, MA Perform My Dental Procedures?

There are numerous reasons why people should see an oral surgeon for their dental procedures. The following are the specific reasons why people should see an oral surgeon for their dental procedures:  
  • trained medical doctors
  • have experience in advanced surgery
  • are certified in providing IV sedation
  When choosing an oral surgeon to perform a dental procedure, it is important for people to go through all of their options, including the oral surgeons’ schooling and years of experience. By going to a skilled, trusted, and caring oral surgeon, people can get the new smile they need and deserve.

What Procedures Are Commonly Performed By An Oral Surgeon In Bourne, MA?

  Because oral surgeons have received extensive training in a variety of dental and oral surgeries, they have the clinical knowledge to help patients overcome mild, moderate, and severe dental and facial concerns. For instance, wisdom tooth removals are frequently performed by an oral surgeon. Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, can be found in the back of the mouth and can cause pain and problems in people’s smiles.   Because many people’s mouths are not large enough to accommodate wisdom teeth, the oral surgeon needs to strategically and safely extract the problematic wisdom teeth.  Oral surgeons can even extract seriously impacted wisdom teeth, leaving patients with less pain and fewer future problems.   Dental implant placements are another surgical procedure a state-of-the-art oral surgeon can perform. Although it is widely performed today, dental implant procedures need to be precisely and accurately placed by a highly skilled professional.   This is because oral surgeons have the experience to deal with unexpected complexities that may arise during advanced procedures like full mouth dental implant placements. Other types of dental specialists who don’t have advanced clinical and medical education would be unequipped to adeptly handle more complicated dental implant cases.   When someone requires a full mouth reconstruction, an oral surgeon tends to be the best fit. Full mouth reconstructions, or smile makeovers, generally have multiple procedure stages and procedures. For example, someone might require bone grafting and jaw surgery before receiving dental implants.

What Types Of Advanced Technologies Do World-Class Oral Surgeons Use?

  Oral surgeons leverage the most proven and trusted dental technologies when they perform dental and oral surgeries. To stay at the forefront of oral surgery and dental medicine, the experienced oral surgeon will continuously invest in new equipment, software, systems, and concepts. When people go to an excellent oral surgeon, the following technologies will be used to perform reliable and predictable surgeries:

CBCT Scans:

CBCT scanning technology captures detailed images of the patient’s oral structures. Specifically, the CBCT scan captures detailed images of the patients jawbone volume, nerve locations, and the position of their tooth roots so they can plan a custom dental or oral surgery for them.

Intraoral Cameras:

A handheld, intraoral camera lets the oral surgeon capture accurate and less invasive images of the patient’s teeth. The intraoral camera is used in place of gag-inducing paste impressions.


PIEZOSURGERY® is an advanced technology that uses ultrasonic vibrations to cut through bone. Used for sinus lift bone grafting procedures, PIEZOSUGRY does not harm soft tissues, like the gums or sinus membranes.

Plasma-Rich Growth Factors (PRGF):

PRGF is used to promote faster healing and tissue regeneration. It does this by using the platelets from the patient’s own blood to enhance their healing time during their dental and oral surgeries.

3D Printers:

3D printers are used to fabricate models of the patient’s teeth or bite. The 3D printer allows the oral surgeon to efficiently and precisely make these 3D models.   As it can be seen, oral surgeons are focused on delivering outstanding surgical experiences. An oral surgeon can best do this with high-quality technologies.

Why Does Choosing An Oral Surgeon Elevate The Patient Experience?

  Patient experience is at the heart of everything an oral surgeon does. The oral surgeon’s goal is to make patients feel completely secure and relaxed, no matter what kind of treatment they need. Whether they come in for a transformative SmileOn!™ dental implant procedure, or they want to know their jaw surgery options, they can be sure that the oral surgeon will treat them confidently, precisely, and predictably.   The oral surgeon really elevates the patients surgical experience, by making them feel comfortable and anxiety-free with sedation dentistry. The sedation dentistry options that can be administered to patients include nitrous oxide, oral sedation, IV sedation, and local anesthesia.  

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