Emergency Dentistry

Things to Avoid the of Need Emergency Dental Care

Emergencies may arise at any given second. You never know when your teeth and gums could suffer from an unforeseen experience that demands them to need immediate care, for moments like these you will need to see an emergency dentist. Likewise, engaging in poor daily oral hygiene habits will increase your chances of needing emergency services, so avoid them at all costs.
  1. Avoiding Regular Checkups 
Frequent check-ups by a professional are essential to ensure that the entirety of your oral structure is examined properly. You’ll also be getting valuable information and advice on things that will help you expand on your dental routine. Most health complications begin as asymptomatic, so it's still prudent to schedule biannual appointments even if everything feels ok.
  1. Ignoring Symptoms
How often are you having oral pain? Each time you brush, do your gums bleed? If you notice something out of the ordinary, you need to check it out. A minor problem could possibly escalate into something far more serious, causing you to require emergency dental treatment.
  1. Not Changing Your Toothbrush Often 
A toothbrush’s lifespan is about three months. Keeping one longer than that can make the bristles wear out and not clean your teeth effectively. You might want to look into getting an electric toothbrush to ensure your teeth get a thorough cleaning each time.
  1. Brushing Aggressively
Even if you're brushing your teeth each day, you might be brushing the wrong way. Cleaning teeth with quick, rough movements will do more harm than good. You'll wear the enamel down and make your teeth more vulnerable to damage. Contact Us When an Emergency Comes Up  Although there are always emergency dental services at Dr. Lane office, you should do everything in your power to avoid these emergencies. A few simple actions are all you need to keep your smile safe, contact our Sandwich or Plymouth, Massachusetts offices to schedule an appointment.  

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