Doctor Showing A Dental Patient An XRay Of Facial Trauma

The Advanced Technologies Used In Jaw Surgery!

Technological advancements have entered into every facet of the medical field, including dentistry. Today, top oral surgeons rely on tons of specialized equipment, software, and protocols to give you the effective, comfortable results you deserve. A prime example of the revolutionary ways technology has transformed dental practices is modern jaw surgery in Sandwich, MA.

What are the latest innovations that oral surgeons are using to correct misaligned bites and help patients live their best lives—not to mention show off their nicest smiles? 


Cone Beam CT Imaging

Cone beam computed tomography, frequently abbreviated as cone beam CT, uses digital x-rays to help map out your face and jaw. The cone beam scanner images are incredibly detailed, making them terrific diagnostics for planning exactly where to address jaw problems. Oral surgeons have a much easier time putting together treatment plans when they have CT scans at their fingertips.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is sometimes necessary if areas of the jaw have been weakened because of bone loss. Grafting can also be useful in repairing trauma to the jaw. Some of the advancements that have occurred in the bone grafting world include improved fabricated grafting materials and faster collection and placement of your own bone for grafts. Additionally, guided tissue regeneration (GTR) techniques help the bone graft site more quickly get back to normal.

Dental Implants

What could be a better indicator of how far dentistry has come than dental implants? Jaw surgery in Sandwich, MA may be a precursor to placement of single or multiple dental implants, especially in patients with severe bone loss or another issue affecting the makeup of the jaw. Made from high-tech materials like titanium, dental implants are the only permanent solution for missing teeth. In fact, they act like a tooth root, keeping the bone around them from losing density.


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