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3 Reasons to See an Oral Surgeon for a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Many patients come to our oral surgeon with one issue affecting the mouth. However, other patients come in with multiple issues that all require an immediate response. For these patients, Dr. William Lane will most likely recommend a full mouth reconstruction, which utilizes advanced technology to fix several oral health issues within a short span of each other. Here are the most common reason why patients would want to pursue this procedure.

  1. Chewing Has Become Difficult
For many dental health problems, eating becomes an ordeal. Chewing fibrous vegetables or tough proteins like steak are almost painful. As a result, many patients resort to eating softer foods, which tend to be more processed and not as good for your health. To eat all of your favorite foods once more, you should look into correcting the issues at play. A full mouth reconstruction may allow you to get all essential vitamins and minerals from your diet once again.

  1. Multiple Teeth Are Missing

People today live longer than ever before. Unfortunately, many people’s teeth have not gotten up to speed, and a lot of Americans end up with several teeth missing later in life. There are many ways to replace these missing teeth, including dental implants. This can be one component of the overall reconstruction.

  1. Your Teeth Cause Embarrassment
Ultimately, you deserve to have a smile you can be proud of. If your teeth are missing, misshapen or discolored, then you feel comfortable showing your smile around strangers and casual acquaintances. But you don't have to live dreading social situations during which you'll have to take lots of close-ups. With the help of the team at Lane Oral Surgery, your mouth can be good as new quickly.

See Our Oral Surgeon Right Away

You can enjoy your life again after a full mouth reconstruction. It all starts with a phone call, so contact our office today to get started.

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