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Jaw Surgery Options In Duxbury, MA!

It can be overwhelming to hear that you might need jaw surgery in Duxbury, MA. Try not to get too worried, though. An experienced oral surgeon with years of experience like Dr. William F. Lane can help you get through any type of surgical procedure on your jaw. 


Common Types of Jaw Surgery in Duxbury, MA

If you aren’t familiar with jaw surgery, also called orthognathic surgery, you may be surprised at all the different types of jaw surgery treatments offered in your local area. These include, but aren’t limited to, the following services.

Misaligned Bite Corrections:

A misaligned bite can happen naturally or after a trauma. When your bite is misaligned, you may have trouble speaking clearly or chewing your favorite foods. You may also experience pain or discomfort in and around the jaw joint. Plus, a severely misaligned bite can change the shape of your mouth. Therefore, correcting a misaligned bite can lead to a boost in functionality, comfort, and confidence.

Sleep Apnea and TMJ Disorder Management:

Although dental professionals usually opt for the most conservative treatments for sleep apnea and problems with the TMJ, jaw surgery may be required eventually. Addressing the jaw from a surgical perspective can improve breathing in patients with sleep apnea. It can also eliminate the pain and annoyance of TMJ disorder.

Full Mouth Reconstructions:

Whether because of an accident or not, some patients work with oral surgeons to completely reconstruct their mouths and smiles. Jaw surgery may be a part of any full mouth reconstruction, along with other treatments like the placement of dental implants.

Jaw Surgeries Are Never One-Size-Fits-All Procedures

An important aspect of jaw surgery when performed by a skilled oral surgeon is that no surgery can be considered “routine.” Each surgery is customized to give the patient the best possible outcome. After surgery, patients are given instructions to follow to further improve their chances of a fast, successful recovery.


What Should You Look for in an Oral Surgeon Who Performs Jaw Surgery Options in Duxbury, MA?

Think you might need jaw surgery now or in the future? When evaluating oral surgeons, look for the following traits:

  • Impressive training at renowned schools like Harvard University or Tufts University
  • Long list of association relationships and memberships
  • Years in the field
  • Long-standing reputation among peers

If you’ve already decided to give oral surgeon Dr. Lane the opportunity to review your case and give you a professional opinion regarding jaw surgery, call Lane Oral Surgery in Plymouth, MA, at (508) 273-2213 or Sandwich, MA, at  (508) 591-8605.

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