Dental Patient With Mouth Pain And Needing Emergency Dentistry In Duxbury, MA

Do You Need An Emergency Dentist Near Duxbury, MA?

Healthcare emergencies happen every day. What happens when you need emergency dental care, though? Just like other emergency treatments, you can get seen fast by working with an emergency dentist by Duxbury, MA.

Not every dentist offers nearly immediate or walk-in appointments. However, a few do. Below are some of the advantages that come from having an emergency dentist in mind before an accident or severe problem occurs.


Benefit #1: You Can Get Round-the-Clock Dental Care

What happens if you get into a car crash in the middle of the night and experience trauma to your teeth, gums, or jaw? You may be able to get emergency dental treatment at a local hospital 24/7. For instance, our oral surgeon, Dr. William F. Lane, is on staff at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. This means you can get care at a nearby hospital if your issues require hospitalization.

If you do not need to be seen at the hospital, Dr. Lane can meet you at our office for emergency dental care as soon as reasonably possible. The faster you get your issues diagnosed and treated by a world-class oral surgeon, the better your chances of an exceptional recovery.

Benefit #2: You Can Feel Relaxed Knowing You Are in Good Hands

Your tooth got knocked out. You were in a car collision and suffered jaw damage. You woke up in the middle of the night with unexplainable mouth pain. These are all situations that can leave you feeling helpless and worried. Being able to call an emergency dentist near Duxbury, MA gives you the boost of confidence you deserve.

No matter when you see Dr. Lane and the rest of our compassionate and dedicated team, you can rest assured that you will receive leading-edge care. We strive to put your mind at ease so you feel less stressed and can make the right treatment decisions with Dr. Lane’s recommendations.

Benefit #3: You Can Expect Personalized Follow-Up Care

Emergency dentistry does not stop after your initial appointment. Your care will continue as long as you need it.

Take emergency jaw surgery, for example. After the first surgery, you will continue to visit Dr. Lane for follow-up treatments and evaluations. It makes a difference to see the same oral surgeon throughout the course of your condition or concern.


Expertise Matters When Choosing a Duxbury, MA, Emergency Dentist

Why do patients who have received emergency dental treatment with Dr. Lane say so many good things about their experience? One reason is Dr. Lane’s lifetime commitment to quality care.

Trained at some of the top institutes in the country including Harvard University and Boston University, Dr. Lane has amassed an impressive lineup of credentials and professional memberships. Year after year, he continues to increase his skill sets and bring the latest protocols and equipment into his practice. His goal is your goal: Better oral health.

Whether you need face trauma treatment, an extraction, or another emergency service, call our Plymouth, MA office at (508) 746-8700 or our Sandwich, MA at (508) 888-8898.

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