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A New Professional Hair Restoration Technique In Plymouth, MA!

Whether sudden or gradual, hair loss can be a frustrating and embarrassing experience for men and women. Yet most people never think to come to an oral surgeon to address their hair growth concerns—until now. Through the use of exciting technological advancements, some forward-leaning dental offices are offering patients in Plymouth, MA, hair restoration solutions that are revolutionary, effective, and safe.

One specific solution is the use of PRF to stimulate new hair growth and help patients get the benefit of fuller, thicker hair. 

How PRF Hair Restoration in Plymouth Works

PRF stands for “platelet-rich fibrin.” As you might remember from science class, platelets can be found in blood. In fact, PRF hair restoration makes use of your blood to encourage waning hair follicles to regenerate.

When coming to an oral surgery practice for hair restoration using PRF, you can expect to have some of your blood drawn. The team will put your blood into special equipment to separate and concentrate it. Once the blood is prepared, it is carefully injected into areas of limited or no hair growth. Because you are numbed, the process is comfortable from beginning to end.

After receiving PRF hair restoration in Plymouth, MA, you can go about your day as usual.

Over the coming months, you can expect to see your hair begin to grow again or come in thicker as your body reacts to the concentrated PRF serum. You will also receive a supply of nourishing, specially formulated medical-grade vitamins to further encourage continued hair growth.

Is PRF Hair Growth Treatment Right for Everyone?

PRF hair restoration can be the right choice for patients who fall into specific categories.

  • Those who have just recently started to notice thinning hair or balding spots.
  • Those who are beginning to see that their hairlines are receding.
  • Those who have small patches of sparse hair or bald areas.


Improve Your Confidence With PRF Hair Restoration Treatments

Anyone can set up an appointment with a professional at Lane Oral Surgery about hair restoration and other anti-aging cosmetic treatments

Oral surgeons have the privilege of helping patients feel better, look their best, and function normally through their dental and surgical services. However, advanced oral surgery practices are going further and providing patients with cosmetic and restorative treatments beyond dental implants and corrective jaw surgery.

If you would like to see more hair growth when you look in the mirror, consider contacting our offices in Plymouth, Bourne or Sandwich, MA for hair restoration options offered by Drs. William F. Lane and William M. Lane. There may not be a fountain of youth, but you can fight back against thinning hair that affects your self-esteem and first impressions. Schedule your next consultation with us today!

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